5 Simple and Inexpensive Energy Tips:

Here are some simple steps you can take to stay cool and save energy on hot summer days

Light Energy:

Changing light bulbs to LED could save you on your energy consumption. LED lights conduct less heat allowing your A/C unit to work less and they use less energy, for example: I bought a 90watt replacement LED flood light that uses about 11watts of energy giving me about 950 lumens and will last me a lot longer.


Keeping warm air out in summer and cold air out in winter is critical. Check windows and doors for cracks that allow outside air in and inside air out. Caulking and weather stripping are easy to use and inexpensive.


Ceiling fans for central air conditioning systems are a great way to be comfortable and allowing you to raise the temperature on you’re A/C thermostat without compromising comfort. You could raise your thermostat approximately 4-5 degrees Fahrenheit saving you money on energy consumption.

Ceiling Fans are Energy Efficient


Changing you’re A/C filter more frequently and having your A/C unit serviced twice a year could save you 5-18 percent on your energy use. It is much better for the indoor quality and you will have less expensive repairs due to keeping it clean and allowing air to flow through coils with less restriction. By having it maintenance twice a year by a Professional, you keep your unit working more efficient with less problems and will last you a lot longer.




Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season is always upon us and hurricane preparedness should be top of mind for people in Florida. All Phase Building Concepts provides top-quality products that are important to us and our clients.  Our choice in Hurricane Protection is StormWatch Performance Screens.  StormWatch hurricane screens protect your home from the effects of hurricane force winds that throw airborne debri. In addition, they also protect your home from insects and the harsh sun.

Why are people in the Tampa Bay area purchasing fabric based hurricane screens? Why would they purchase hurricane screens instead of metal hurricane shutters as their preferred hurricane protection product?

Benefits of screens include:

Lightweight, Removable, See through, Minimal visual impact on the home, Cost savings, No maintenance.

In Conclusion, The fabric hurricane shutters are removable and can be color coordinated with a home.  The optional integrated UV resistant covers, coupled with their unique construction, allow for the hurricane shutter to be stored outdoors and most of all, they visually will blend into the home. Commercial and residential installations are available where permanent systems may be prohibited and where minimum visual impact is desired.  These screens are the perfect solution for doors, windows and patios. StormWatch Hurricane screens are made of woven polypropylene mesh and carry a 10-year warranty/guarantee.

For more information on how All Phase Building Concepts and StormWatch Hurricane Screens can benefit you, please call 727.809.1851.




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